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Whatever your event, whether it’s private or public, indoors or out; we can supply anything from a single candyfloss stall to an entire funfair. We attend black-tie balls and charity fundraisers; fetes, village days and galas; corporate events and birthday celebrations; music festivals, bonfire nights, Christmas parties. In fact, countless happy customers have chosen us for their unique occasion.

We organise and attend many ‘open-to-the-public’ fairs too, including London’s biggest Bank Holiday fair. And as we’re established members of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain, you get the reassurance of knowing that all our equipment is rigorously tested and fully insured. When you book us, you can be sure you’re in safe, professional, experienced hands.

Our history

A family business for over 170 years

The history of our family firm goes as far back as 1842: the year that Mr Joseph Mayne first presented his little ‘pony roundabout’ at Mile End Road, in London. Entertaining the bustling community of the city’s East End with a single ride may have been a modest start. But Joe’s entrepreneurial venture proved the beginning of a business, and a way of life, that we’re proud to continue to this day.

Over the subsequent years, we entertained people all over London with a wide variety of amusements; from simple wooden swing-boats to ever-popular rifle ranges, darts stalls, games and more.

Revolutionary thrills

As both steam, then electricity revolutionized our industry we kept pace; thrilling visitors with a set of classic Gallopers, chair-o-planes and a ‘Noah’s ark.’ And always mindful of the need to provide new experiences, Richard Mayne was one of the first showmen to operate a set of dodgems in the ‘30s. They certainly captured the public’s attention then. But who’d have thought that ‘bumper cars’ would prove just as popular now?

After the second world war, Londoners desperately needed some fun in their lives. So the fair that we opened in Bethnal Green, brought colour, music and some theatre back to an area hit hard during the blitz. It was a moment when we were even more pleased to put smiles on faces.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 was another milestone, both in itself and because it marked the inaugural year we attended Stoke Park in Guildford. We still open there. And every September, for two weeks you can visit us on the park’s south side. On November 5th you’ll always find us on the north side, where we provide a large funfair for the traditional Lions Club bonfire: one of the biggest events held in Surrey all year.

Always looking ahead

No family history would be complete without weddings. And in recent years, the marriage of Darren Mayne to Lara Print, in 1998, connected another renowned showman’s name to our own.

In fact, Lara can trace her history back to her great grandfather: a man known as ‘Colonel’ John Print. The ‘Colonel’ was a bit of a legend by all accounts and he was certainly an ambitious showman with a formidable work ethic. Travelling two sets of roundabouts and swing boats, from impressive winter quarters in Chingford, he operated a packed schedule of events throughout the year; many as the lessee.

This entrepreneurial streak clearly ran through the family as Lara’s father’s parents (Elias and Grace) spotted a sizeable piece of land in Writtle, Essex, and bought it to house their growing family and business operations.

With hard work and determination, the site soon became an enviable home and Hassenbrook in Writtle, remains the centre of the Print travelling community. Lara’s parents, Donald and Laraine are based there, as are Donald’s brothers: Brian, Norman and Barry.

Needless to say, Hassenbrook is exactly where Lara and Darren are based, too.

These tight-knit family connections bring extra skills to to the Mayne Bros. business, enhancing our capabilities and adding to our range of equipment for hire. And as Darren and Lara are proud parents of James and Charles, we look forward to the future, as yet another generation takes us forward.
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